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Supercontinuum laser
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It all started on a train.

When traveling from Hamburg to Enschede, Haider Zia, SuperLight Photonics Founder and CTO, had a brilliant idea.

He discovered a way to develop a small, lightweight, and portable alternative to the bulky, power-hungry, and expensive wideband lasers. Voilá, Haider had conceived the concept of the first SuperLight Photonics on-chip wideband laser.

When Haider realized this wideband laser could be used as a superior 'light source' within a broad application field, he understood that he needed to create his own company. And that's when SuperLight Photonics saw the light.

Haider Zia, who was previously a researcher at the University of Twente, specializing in integrated and nonlinear optics during his PhD, is a renowned expert in the field of SCG, supercontinuum lasers. His patented technology will revolutionize applications in industrial and medical imaging, detection, measurement and spectrometry. 

Haider Zia, CTO


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Cees Links, CEO

Cees Links, also known as "The Father of WiFi", was introduced to Haider Zia in early 2023. Cees instantly recognized the immense potential of SuperLight Photonics and embarked as the CEO. 

Cees is a visionary leader with a remarkable track record in the world of technology innovation. With decades of experience in shaping the future of high-tech industries, Cees is a driving force behind our mission to revolutionize photonics.

His commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability inspires our SuperLight Photonics team as we work together to unlock the true potential of wideband lasers.

In August 2023, Elly Schietse became the CMO - Chief Marketing Officer - at SuperLight Photonics, bringing extensive marketing experience and industry connections to elevate the company’s market profile and brand identity. She oversees all marketing, PR and event activities.

Business dynamics and change processes are in her DNA and she leverages her startup expertise to streamline company processes and procedures. Backed by her experience with ISO9001 for QMS, ISO27001 for ISMS, and ISO14001 for EMS, she brings a wealth of knowledge in quality management systems, information security management systems, and environmental management systems.

Elly also manages HR and the hiring and onboarding of new employees.

Elly Schietse, CMO
Bradley Snyder, CMO

Bradley Snyder joined SuperLight Photonics in November 2023 as COO.

Fun fact: Bradley started his career doing assembly language programming on IBM mainframes, but while doing his master’s degree he caught the photonics bug and never looked back.

Since then, he has traveled the world, living in Ireland, Belgium, and California and now has settled in the Netherlands. During this time, he has been involved in photonics manufacturing from every angle: industrial research, wafer fabrication, photonics packaging contract manufacturing, and building products at fabless companies. His passion is taking bright ideas and making them a reality.

Jeroen Biesterbos is CCO and joined our team in January 2024.

Having previously worked extensively in photonics and with a track record of success, Jeroen is set to drive our business to new heights. He brings a wealth of expertise to our leadership team. As the architect of strategic partnerships and business development initiatives, Jeroen plays a pivotal role in shaping SuperLight Photonics' market presence.

In short, Jeroen is the driving force behind our mission to create cutting-edge applications and solutions that redefine possibilities in wideband lasers.

Jeroen Biesterbos, CCO

Paul de Wit joined SuperLight Photonics as CFO in April 2024.

Known as the "money maestro", Paul brings exceptional financial acumen and strategic expertise to our team.

With an impressive track record of guiding and scaling deeptech startups to success, Paul will play an important role in our journey towards growth and achievement.




SuperLight Photonics' mission is to illuminate the future through innovation.

We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of laser-based technology to create solutions that empower industries, enhance lives, and drive progress. Through relentless research, development, and collaboration, we strive to harness the full potential of photons to address the most pressing challenges.

Our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and cutting-edge wideband laser solutions defines our journey toward a brighter world.









Vision, mission, goal


Wideband lasers will create a paradigm shift in many fields currently dominated by narrow-band lasers and/or tunable lasers.


SuperLight Photonics to become the world market leader in portable wideband (SCG) lasers, in both technology and applications.


Build a company with a real impact on the laser world by helping the industry with sustainable laser technology - based on long product life, low energy consumption & battery operation - and simplifying logistics by enabling in-field applications.

Our Partners

Board & Investors

Investment Round

SuperLight Photonics has secured its seed funding in an investment round with DeepTechXL and Oost NL in September 2023.

From left to right: Haider Zia & Cees Links - SuperLight Photonics, Ron Maurer - DeepTechXL & Jacob Issa - OostNL

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