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The SuperLight Photonics
Global Distributor Eco-System

SuperLight Photonics proudly presents its certified and authorized distributors, a selection of trusted preferred partnerships that each have their expertise and proven skills in photonics and operate in their specific geographies.
This eco-system of distributors have expert knowledge of the SuperLight Photonics products and offering and they have a trained staff with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and technical support.

Laser 2000 Benelux CV

The Future of Photonics
Laser 2000 logo

Laser2000 Benelux is a high-tech distributor of photonics products and OEM design-ins. With our years of experience in photonics we have all technical knowledge on product and application. We are experienced in R&D projects, Production methods and OEM design-ins. Laser 2000 Benelux likes to be challenged: how can we assist you?


Supercontinuum lasers are an ultimate lightsource for a widespread range of applications. Miniaturizing them down to PIC level, as SuperLight Photonics invented, is equally brilliant and necessary for the integration in e.g. large scale sensoric processes.

Pieter Kramer, Partner Laser 2000 Benelux

Laser 2000 (UK) Limited

We Are Photonics
Laser 2000 logo

Since its inception in the early 1990s, Laser 2000 UK has been at the forefront of optics and photonics technologies, driving innovations such as optical broadband and advanced microscopy techniques. These contributions have revolutionized our grasp on everything from genetic research to deep-sea exploration, showcasing our pivotal role in technological breakthroughs. Our expertise spans a broad range of applications, from scientific research to environmental preservation, underlining our dedication to not just supply products but to offer tailored solutions that meet the unique challenges faced by our clients.

Laser 2000's commitment to excellence is reflected in our consistent, dependable support, making us a trusted partner. Whether supporting genetic analysis, disease control, environmental studies, or the development of futuristic communication networks, we bring deep industry knowledge and state-of-the-art products to the table. This dedication is further solidified by our adherence to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, emphasizing our mission to exceed customer expectations through unparalleled service and quality.

United Kingdom
Republic of Ireland

As a distributor in the UK and Ireland, working with SuperLight Photonics has been a revelation. Together, we're shining a bright light on innovation and excellence.

Peter Collins, Technical & Marketing Director Laser 2000 UK

Laser 2000 GmbH/SAS

Experts in Photonics
Laser 2000 logo

As leading distribution partner for well over 100 international photonics companies and for over 35 years, Laser 2000 GmbH has a broad overview of trends in the photonics industry.
Laser 2000 GmbH works together with innovative photonics manufacturers to develop optimal solutions for a wide range of applications and to offer suitable products. They use the knowledge, creativity, and enthusiasm of our employees to be able to offer advice and solutions for every application. Especially in the areas of biophotonics and spectroscopy, Laser 2000 GmbH has built up a wealth of experience through many customers, which they provide in cooperative projects.

Parts of Europe

We are excited to support SuperLight Photonics in their journey in the photonics market. Their innovative product is a perfect addition to our high-level portfolio.

Dr. Carola Lampe, Technical Sales Engineer Laser 2000 GmbH
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