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Meet SuperLight Photonics at the CLEO Conference

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Meet SuperLight Photonics in Charlotte, NC, USA


SuperLight Photonics, a pioneer company for supercontinuum lasers, will showcase its new product, the SLP-1050 at the CLEO Conference and CLEO Hub in May 2024. Its innovative concept stands out in the industry and offers a high-quality, high-power and unrivaled light source for industrial and bio-medical imaging applications.

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You can meet with  SuperLight Photonics at the CLEO Hub, in our kiosk - booth # 16.

Please visit our booth in the CLEO HUB
The CLEO Hub offers a vibrant and comprehensive show floor with essential product information, industry and market-based programs and networking opportunities.

The SuperLight Photonics participation perfectly aligns with the innovation and research theme, providing attendees with insights into the booming future of photonics.

Visit our booth to witness firsthand how SuperLight Photonics revolutionizes photonics.

Our team will be available to discuss the advantages of our supercontinuum technology and solutions.

Meet SuperLight Photonics and discover a spectrum of possibilities in photonics.



We would be happy to schedule your meeting at CLEO,
just send us an email. Looking forward to seeing you in Charlotte!


May 7-9th 2024Charlotte, NC, USA

More info CLEO Conference

CLEO Conference & CLEO Hub - Kiosk #16
Visit our booth and witness firsthand how SuperLight Photonics revolutionizes photonics.
Meet the SuperLight Photonics team and discover
our latest product, the SLP-1050.
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Press release CLEO Conference

More power, more light, better insight - SuperLight Photonics unveils the SLP-1050, redefining high-end supercontinuum lasers

SuperLight Photonics, a pioneer for cutting-edge supercontinuum lasers, launches its SLP-1050, harnessing unprecedented power for enhanced industrial, research, and (bio)medical applications.

To address the increasing demand for high-power and compact supercontinuum laser (SCG or wideband laser) solutions, SuperLight Photonics has released the SLP-1050. 

Using an amplified seed laser, this supercontinuum laser is designed to deliver more than 40 mW - more than 15 times the battery-operated SLP-1000 - and a wide spectral range in the NIR-SWIR region. Just like the SLP-1000, it provides a highly coherent, stable, and low noise output. It is a small-form-factor class 3 laser with a short start-up time, no need for calibration, high uptime, and maintenance-free.

"We are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our product lineup, the high-power alternative to the SLP-1000," stated Jeroen Biesterbos, CCO of SuperLight Photonics.
"Our SLP-1050 caters to the specific needs of our customers in demanding fields like microscopy, spectroscopy, medical imaging, and optical coherence tomography (OCT). Its higher average power makes it ideal for a wide range of sensing applications in medical and material science, high-speed quality inspection, and gas sensing."

For more information about the SLP-1050 and SuperLight Photonics, visit SuperLight Photonics or contact one of the distributors.

Visit our booth in Hall 17 - A40 to witness firsthand how SuperLight Photonics revolutionizes photonics. Our team will be available to discuss the advantages of our supercontinuum technology and solutions.

Please send us an email to schedule your meeting.

For journalists, bloggers & vloggers, please download our press kit with high-resolution images, spec sheet, video, logos, etc

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